Catering Fee:  All jobs are subject to a catering fee.  The fee offsets labor and administration costs such as preparing for your event, shopping for food, dishwashing before and after your event, setup prior to your event, clean up and other miscellaneous expenses related to your event. The Fee is a determined percentage of pretax total food and beverage cost. The catering fee is not a gratuity and is subject to state and local taxation.

THE VENUE YOU SELECT MAY ALSO IMPOSE A FEE ASSOCIATED WITH FOOD AND OR BEVERAGE SALES AT YOUR EVENT.      Servers $170 Each / Bar Tender $170+ Each   /  Chef Attended Station $200                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



House Garden Salad: Fresh Romaine lettuce, Tomatoes, Scallions, Cucumber, Cheddar Jack . Served with two choices of House Made Dressings                                                                    

Caesar Salad: Fresh Romaine, Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, Croutons and Caesar Dressing

Classic Greek Salad: Fresh Romaine, Sweet Tomatoes, Cucumber, Red Onion, Kalamata Olives,  Feta, Croutons, Greek Dressing


Caesar Pasta Salad: Campanelle pasta with romaine, Roasted Pine nuts, friedcapers, Parmigiano Reggiano, croutons and Caesar Dressing

Mixed Greens Salad:Mixed Field Greens, Golden Raisins, Cut Pears,Gorgonzola and Candied Pecans Served with White Wine Vinaigrette

Mediterranean Salad:Ribbons of Fresh Squash and Zucchini Topped with CrushedMarcona Almonds Finished with Olive Oil and Vinegar de Jerez

Insalata Caprese:Sweet Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, arugula, Cracked Pepper and Finished with a Basil Vinaigrette

Nicoise Salad:Potatoes, Basil, Boiled Eggs, Black Olives, Grilled Asparagus and Anchovy Filets. Finished with Lemon Juice and Olive Oil ( Also offered without Anchovy)

GRANNY SMITH APPLES :Stuffed with French Triple Cream Cheese Brie and topped with pan fried Sage and Chives Accompanied by Red Grapes and Marcona Almonds

CORN SALAD (Seasonal Availability only): Local Roasted Corn, Sweet Tomatoes, Radish, Cilantro and Feta Finished with a lime vinaigrette



FRIED CHICKEN TENDERS (3 Per Person): Seasoned Breaded Chicken Tenders Lightly fried until Golden                                                                                                                                                                        CHICKEN CORDON BLEU:Chicken breast stuffed with imported Swiss Cheese and Black Forrest Ham. Lightly coated with flour and pan sautéed

POLLO DE CASTILLA:Chicken Breast stuffed with Authentic Chorizo and Aged Spanish, Manchego Cheese Lightly coated with flour and Pan sautéed

CHICKEN WITH MUSHROOM AND WHITE WINE CREAM SAUCE: Tender Boneless Chicken Breast Seared, oven roasted and finished with Mushrooms and White Wine, Herbed Cream Sauce

CHIMICHURRI CHICKEN:Grilled Chicken Breast smothered in a mixture of Parsley, Garlic, Oregano, Oil and Vinegar

CARIBBEAN CHICKEN:Seared Margarita Marinated Chicken Breast Topped With Mango Salsa



BASQUE COUNTRY PORK TENDERLOIN: Grainy Mustard encrusted Pork Tenderloin cooked with Olive Oil, Garlic and Onions, finished with pureed Pan Drippings and Pan Roasted Onions with Cream

BACON WRAPPED PORK TENDERLOIN:With your choice of Balsamic Reduction or Honey thyme Glaze

BONE IN PORK CHOP: Bone in Pork Chops Seasoned and Seared with Balsamic Glaze


BEEF TENDERLOIN: Carved and served with Horseradish Cream Sauce

RIBEYE STEAK: Certified Angus Beef upper choice of all beef.  Please Inquire: Requires On site Grilling and Chef Charge

CARVED ROAST BEEF: Served With Onions Confit and Creamy Horseradish Sauce

BEEF BOURGUIGNON: Tender pieces of Beef Braised in Wine With Herbs, Carrots, Mushrooms and Onion


GRILLED LAMB CHOPS: Grilled, Frenched, Lamb Chops with Herbs and Garlic. (1/2 rack or approximately 4 chops per person)

LAMB ROAST: Roasted Leg of Lamb served with Creamy Yogurt Sauce


PINK SNAPPER FILET: Light and Flakey, Fresh Gulf, Pink Snapper Served with Sweet pepper Relish

SEARED AHI TUNA: Choice Tuna Loin Seared and Finished with a Soy, Ginger Garlic Sauce

SEARED SALMON: Fresh Wild-Caught Salmon Grilled and finished with Citrus Ginger Sauce

EASY B’s GUMBO: Peeled and deveined Gulf Shrimp, Fresh Chicken, Andouille Sausage, Fresh Crab and Vegetables combine for a taste sensation, served over rice  

SEARED SEA SCALLOPS: Large Scallops seared and served with Garlic, Ginger, Chili Sauce. Please Inquire: Requires On site Grilling and Chef Charge

CRAB CAKES: Maryland Style, made using Fresh Blue Crab Meat and lightly pan fried served with Your choice of tarragon sauce or New Orleans style Remoulade sauce


MUSHROOM RAGU: A hearty trio of Crimini, shitaki and portabella mushrooms cooked with Shallots, Wine, vegetable stock and cream and served over Pappardelle Pasta

PUMPKIN AND SAGE RISOTTO: (available as a side, please inquire): Pumpkin, Sage, White Wine, Shallots and Baked with Mascarpone Cheese and Parmigiano Reggiano



GRILLED ASPARAGUS: Drizzled with Lemon Juice and Olive Oil, sprinkled with Parmigiano Reggiano

HARICOT VERTS: Steamed and finished with a lemon Shallot Vinaigrette

OVEN ROASTED FRESH CUT VEGETABLES: Sweet Peppers, onions, Squash and Zucchini Roasted with oil and herbs

SOUTHERN STYLE GREEN BEANS: Blue Lake Green Beans, Smoked Ham Hock, Onions, Salt, Black Pepper 

ROASTED ROOT VEGETABLES: Beets, Sweet Potatoes, and parsnips roasted with garlic olive oil, ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon

SQUASH CASSEROLE: Crookneck Squash, Cheese, Bacon and Breadcrumbs prepared in southern tradition with eggs and milk

YOUNG GREEN PEAS WITH PEARL ONIONS: Tender sweet Peas with Butter, onions and cracked black pepper

STEAMED BROCCOLI: with Toasted Slivered Almonds and Garlic Butter


MACARONI AND CHEESE: Macaroni mixed in a trifecta of Creamy Cheese perfection, gently baked

BACON AND RANCH AU GRATIN POTATOES: Potatoes, Cheese, Bacon and Ranch combine to make a tasty sensation

OVEN ROASTED POTATOES: Potatoes, Roasted with Olive Oil, Garlic, Butter and Italian Herbs

CREAMY CHEESE GRITS : Local Stone Ground Grits, Cooked with Half-and-Half, Butter And Salt (Add Gouda or Aged Cheddar)

Buffet Includes Bread and Real Butter