Lead Staff

Tim Broxton
Owner and Executive Chef

A.J. Vourakis

Bryan Gonzalas




              Welcome to Easy B's Kitchen.  

Easy B's Kitchen was founded in 2009 by Tim Broxton. Since then Easy B’s Kitchen has been offering Gainesville unique and flavorful foods. Cooking since a boy in his family’s kitchen, Tim’s culinary repertoire has been shaped by his love of travel, culture, people and life experiences. “There is no better way to bring people together than with food.”  Tim’s approach to food involves freshness, simplicity and flavor. Flavor is what we are after when we put a bite of food in our mouth. Whether it stirs a memory or summons emotion, it should do more than satisfy your hunger, it should move you.” This tenet was not only forged in his grandmother’s kitchen, it was reinforced by his culinary experiences in San Sebastian, Spain and Tuscany, Italy.  While honing his culinary skills in Europe, Tim realized that simple ingredients can evolve a dish into something much more; a culinary experience. Tim enjoys creating and sharing memories over a long and drawn out culinary affair. “It’s like a big group project where everyone’s input creates a unique finished product. The product is the experience, that’s why we do this.”